Faces of Rushcutters Bay: Volume 1 – Steve Carrodus


Faces of Rushcutters Bay: Volume 1 – Steve Carrodus

Steve Carrodus

How long have you lived or worked in the area?

I’ve worked at for the last 14 months and I have lived in Bondi for the last 3 years. Prior to that I was based in London working for a number of different boutique hotel groups.


What type of business do you run?

My role at the Vibe Hotel is the General Manager.  My role involves the daily management of 258 guest rooms, a restaurant and bar, four conference rooms and 65 amazing staff.  We’re part of the TFE group and we were fortunate to get a complete refurbishment in 2016, including all the guest rooms, the pool on the roof and creating the new Storehouse restaurant. Come and join us on


What do you like most about your job?

I love the people that we work with.  We’re fortunate to have staff who speak Chinese, Malaysian, Spanish, French, and Indian so we meet lots of interesting people visiting Sydney and I love the variety of the job providing conferences during the week and private events on the weekends. I like that we get the autonomy to try new things like introducing yoga on the rooftop, two space for business people and we have a lot of locals who walk their dogs in the park, so we introduced the doggie deck which has a ‘dogustation’ dog menu and we organise an RSPCA Adoption Day twice a year. We want to make it really nice and easy for locals to come in directly from the park with a back-gate entry to the doggie deck for a coffee or a few drinks.


Where do you find inspiration?

I find career inspiration from certain individuals within our company and from the team I works with.   I am fortunate to have experienced company directors whose experience and mentoring I trust. Personal inspiration I get from my Personal trainer Nicholas Chapman, who helped me lose 9 kilos in 12 weeks, getting me back into regular exercise and increasing my self belief – so much so, I am registered and now training for this year’s Gold Coast Marathon, which I wouldn’t have thought was possible. He has taught me to ‘focus on the habit, not on the outcome”.


How do you like to exercise?

My weekly routine is 6.30 Monday Night Group Boxing, I run Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have a strength focused personal training session with Nicholas on a Wednesday and enjoy yoga at least once a week at the Vibe.  I think for me, its important to have variety and I also need accountability when life gets busy.  I’m now far more conscious of what I eat, and I enjoy learning about the different progressions of exercises and what’s possible.

Special shout out to Laura Rabjohns at Performance Podiatry for keeping me in one piece too J


What are some of your Favourite restaurants/cafés/hangout?

I really enjoy Marta Italian restaurant and Bar Machiavelli in Rushcutters Bay. I also like Acme.


What is your Favourite holiday destination

I’m not sure about favorite ……but my last couple of holidays have been in Byron Bay and Bali, both regular spots to chill to.

Contact Details

Steve Carrodus | Hotel General Manager
Vibe Hotel Rushcutters Bay, Sydney

T:  +61 2 8353 8988 | M:  +61 47589 7745  F:  + 61 2 8353 8999
Address: 100 Bayswater Road, Rushcutters Bay, NSW, 2011

BOOK NOW |  or call Vibe Reservations: 13 VIBE (8423)



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