At Rushcutters Health we believe in providing you with a refreshingly ‘genuine’ fitness experience where you can be yourself and feel comfortable to exercise with the support of more than 10 of Australia’s most knowledgeable and caring Personal Trainers.

YES, we also have premium change rooms and state of the art training facilities next to VIBE hotel in Rushcutters Bay, BUT it’s Our training philosophy that sets us apart – we incorporate the 3 pillars of Strength, Nutrition and Accountability to create Sydney first ‘Results Based’ training studio to ensure you get the support you need every step of the way.


Trial Two 1on1 Personal Training Sessions for just $47

This includes

  • Meet ‘face to face’ with one of Sydney’s Best fitness Coaches for 1 hour – to discuss your goals and tour the facilities
  • 1 x Health and Body Composition Assessment – to get super clear on where you are at and what areas you want to improve.
  • 1 x Movement Screen – to identify any muscle imbalance or stubborn areas that need more focus in your program.
  • 1 x seven day Exercise Plan – to map out ‘the best combination’ of strength and cardio exercise YOU need to achieve optimum body shape and energy levels.
  • 1 x Dietary Analysis  – to  ‘3 quick fixes’ to get you off to a flying start.



Georgie Lost 12kilos and exercises regularly after an Achilles Tendon injury!

Nick Lost over 20kilos and now enjoys trekking!

Jee Lost 12kilos, 35cms and ran a ½ Marathon!

Tom has lost 7.6kilos in just 12 weeks and will smash his goal of being under 80kilos for his big 30th birthday bash!

Tom completes a food diary every week, visits the gym by himself for extra cardio, and surfs on the weekends.

Well done legend!

Steve Carrodus lost 9kgs in 12 weeks and also increased his strength and muscle mass. Massive congratulations mate.

We hope you enjoy Bali, see you back here with a tan!

Guy has lost a 11 kilos since starting at Rushcutters Health and now can exercise with less back pain. Guys attributes his great results to training consistently, mobility exercises and better discipline with food.

Well done Guy, we love having you as part of the RH family.

Susan not only have you achieved massive results in your first few weeks of your program we all appreciate your super positive attitude and big smile, your energy lifts everyone around you.

Thanks for being a special part of the RH team.