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Weekly results based personal training is the cornerstone of helping our community. We believe all our members are different and that’s why we are so passionate about individualised health and fitness programing. No cookie cutter programs here. All personal training programs include the following guidance:

  • A weekly training plan and 12week road map.
  • A strength and aerobic training program to follow
  • Dietary analysis and nutrition programing
  • Weekly accountability and ‘check ins’ to programs and goals
  • Access to the gym and outdoor group training schedule
  • Access to all educational seminars and workshops

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Trainer Profile

Steve Grant

  • Experience – 20 years in the fitness industry + Bachelor of Physical and Health Education, University Lecturer, Rugby League for Cronulla Sharks and in the South of France.
  • Favourite Food – Satay chicken stir-fry
  • Favourite Exercise – Strength circuit
  • Favourite Quote – I have a great time with my life and I want to share it. ~ Will Smith
  • Why I got into the industry – I love keeping fit, meeting new people and helping them achieve what they didn’t think is possible.
  • One piece of advice for clients– Learn your portion sizes for meals and you will get faster results.

Trainer Profile

Nicholas Chapman

  • Experience – 13 years learning, growing and developing.
  • Favourite Food – Hard to go past a high quality pizza. Tad partial to a sneaky scoop of ice cream also.
  • Favourite Exercise – A mix of strength, running and yoga. For fun & relaxation- surfing.
  • Favourite Quote – Feel the rhythm, feel the ride, come on Jamaica its bob sled time.
  • Why I got into the industry – I initially entered the industry because I loved training. I have stayed in the industry because of a passion to grow and develop with clients and team mates.
  • One piece of advice for clients– Be objective. If you are not getting results be honest in uncovering the reasons why. Find the enjoyment and fun in training and celebrate positive changes in habits. Get a great coach who has got your back and helps you discover your goals and real ‘why’. Above all have fun.

Rushcutters Health Personal Trainer Sean Rees

Trainer Profile

Sean Rees

  • Experience – Exercise Science Swansea University, GP exercise referral/ Crossfit coach
  • Favourite Food – I can’t commit to a favourite. That’ll be like asking which child do you love more.
  • Favourite Exercise – Squats
  • Favourite Quote – “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live it’s whole life believing that it is stupid” ~ Albert Einstein
  • Why I got into the industry – I have a deep passion for strength/conditioning, rehabilitation and all things exercise. I jumped at the opportunity to make this my profession and have never looked back.
  • 1 piece of advice for clients– Great things take time.

Rushcutters Health Personal Trainer Chris Bayens

Trainer Profile

Chris Bayens

  • Experience – Poliquin Bio signature Practitioner, 8 years personal training
  • Favourite Food – Salmon and sweet potato
  • Favourite Exercise – Squats
  • Favourite Quote – ‘It matters not how long you live but how well’. ~ Publilius Syrus
  • Why I got into the industry – I love being able to improve both the quantity and quality of people’s lives through nutrition and exercise.
  • 1 piece of advice for clients– Consistency is king

Rushcutters Health Personal Trainer Chris Josh Millbank

Trainer Profile

Josh Millbank

  • Experience – Strength and Conditioning Level 1, Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness, CrossFit Coach
  • Favourite Exercise – anything outdoors an adventurous, hiking, and bike riding are currently favourites
  • Why you got into the industry – I followed my heart to a profession that provides me with a huge sense of fulfillment.  Sharing my knowledge with clients I work with to achieve a healthier and happier life is the best job in the world
  • Any advice for clients – work hard to achieve your goals, but never forget to celebrate your success
  • Favourite Food – mangoes and ice cream
  • Favourite quote – “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention or arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, “Wow!  What a ride!” ~ Hunter S Thompson


Rushcutters Health Tony Nguyen
Trainer Profile

Tony Nguyen

  • Experience – Cert III & IV in Fitness, Holistic/Ayurvedic Health, Mobility, Fat Loss, Hypertrophy Training & HIIT Training.
  • Favourite Food – Scrambled eggs with chives, crispy bacon (both free range of course!), wilted spinach, and smashed avocado on gluten free toast.
  • Favourite Exercise – All things gymnastic rings & deadlifts.
  • Favourite Quote – The secret to having it all is knowing you already do.
  • Why I got into the industry – In my eyes health is wealth, to challenge myself everyday on becoming stronger & smarter, to help others move and eat at an optimum level.
  • One piece of advice for clients – Always look at the bigger picture that lies ahead, do it with purpose, intention & love. Enjoy the journey no matter what life throws at you, every struggle, sweat & tear will be worth it in the end.

Joe Cotton

Trainer Profile

Joe Cotton

  • Experience: Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Management (UTS), Cert 3&4 in fitness, FRC mobility specialist
  • Favourite Food: Carrot Cake
  • Favourite Exercise: Chin-ups & Dips
  • Favourite Quote: ‘The obstacle is the way’- Marcus Aurelius
  • Why I got into the industry: To learn as much as possible and help others get the benefit that I did from making health and fitness a part of my life
    One piece of advice for clients: Starting is always the hardest part. When your mind tells you to stop your are probably on the cusp of a break through.

Trainer Profile

Valerie Best

  • Experience: 3 for 1: teacher, award-winning restaurateur, and personal trainer.
  • Favourite food: I’m finding it hard to decide between a big fat juicy steak, with homemade crispy chips and fresh green salad or perfectly executed sushi with the freshest of seafood — mmmmm.
  • Favourite exercise: Skiing followed by a glass of pinot and a log fire, or failing that — my beats, a cable machine and a shoulder routine.
  • Favourite quote: Can I channel Oscar Wilde: “I’m a man (woman) of simple tastes. I’m always satisfied with the best.”
  • Why I got into the industry: “Zen and the Art of Personal Maintenance”: strength and conditioning training and wanting to share that with others.
  • One piece of advice for clients: Embrace discontent — it’s the first step towards progress.

Trainer Profile

Aurel Mustjatse

  • Experience: Cert III and IV in Fitness, HIIT training, group instructor.
  • Favourite food:Everything that tastes good!
  • Favourite exercise: I really don’t have a favourite one. I enjoy exercises that make me feel good, challenge me and help me to achieve my goals.
  • Favourite quote: “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?” – RuPaul
  • Why I got into the industry: I studied engineering, but found it really dry. I wanted to work with people and decided to study fitness. I absolutely love it. There is nothing better than helping others and seeing the happiness on their faces, when they achieve their goals.
  • One piece of advice for clients: You can’t control your thoughts, but you can control how you act — leave all the bad thoughts behind, think positively and make the right decisions.

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