Finding Time for Health and Fitness


Finding Time for Health and Fitness

There’s no doubt we are all busy. Work, social life, responsibilities and so on… for some of us the thought of getting to the gym or going for that early morning run is just unfathomable.

We thought we would put together some tips for you to find the time for exercise, feel motivated again and re-evaluate your health and fitness goals

  • Goal Setting: What was it that you wanted to achieve and why haven’t you got there yet? Sometimes we set ourselves unrealistic goals, only to be disappointed when it’s impossible to stick to them. Maybe you want to re-evaluate and this time be mindful of what you didn’t end up doing last time. Getting active again could mean something like: ‘every lunch time i’ll go for a 30 minute walk’ or ‘every Monday I’m going for Personal Training’.
  • Plan. Write yourself a daily or weekly plan. Write down what you are going to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and what activity you’re going to do. It’s so satisfying being able to cross these things off and will help create a routine and good habits around health.
  • Nutrition. If you’ve let your clean eating go off the rails, why? Are you buying the wrong things? Why are you ending up at the take-away every night? Usually clean eating goes out of the window when you are busy! If this is the case try and see if you can commit to half a day of meal prepping on the weekend to set yourself up for the week. Alternatively, why don’t you order some healthy meal options from somewhere like: Eat Fit Food. These guys have amazing, yummy and freshly prepared meals which they will deliver to you daily…..this could be a really good option to get you back into the swing of things. If you’re not sure why you are slipping up with your nutrition download My Fitness Pal app and start logging your food. This will tell you how many calories you are putting into your body and the nutritional breakdown of your food.
  • Spread the love. Are you surrounded by ‘unhealthy’ people? Try and get your partner/workmates/loved ones on board with your healthy strategy. Having the people around you on-board will make everything a lot easier! If you’ve got a competitive streak you could set weekly challenges for all of you and whoever wins gets a prize. Eg: whoever loses the most weight/sticks to their plan/exercises daily etc will get dinner cooked for them on Friday or will get all of their snacks for next week meal prepped.
  • Research. Read up on some clean eating and fitness inspiration. This could be checking out a blog you love….or some inspo on Move Nourish Believe or Women’s/Men’s Health magazine. Sometimes just seeing people exercise or eating well will help get you back on track.
  • Be specific. As we’ve said already don’t be unrealistic! What is it that you want to achieve? Do you want to lose weight? Train for an event? Be bikini ready for that Bali holiday? Whatever it is…..set yourself a goal and keep this as your focus. Ask yourself if you are able to achieve this goal on your own or do you need the help of a Personal Trainer or Health coach to guide you and keep you accountable? Remind yourself of this when you end up in the biscuit aisle at the grocery store or when you really don’t want to get up at 5.30am for your sweat sesh!
  • Love yourself. We’re all human and sometimes things just get in the way, don’t be too harsh on yourself, just make a plan and stick to it! Understand that NOW is your time to make a change and give your body everything that it deserves. Remember, you only have one body and it really is your temple. Get your glow back 🙂 and think about how amazing you’re going to look and feel!
  • Progress. Monitoring your progress is so important and will make you feel happy and inspired to keep on going. Engaging a PT and/or health coach is a great way to do this as they will document all of your progression and show you how you are tracking!

If you are finding it tough to get back on track and you are struggling with health and fitness motivation make sure to reach out to the team at Rushcutters Health.

Happy Training!

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