Client of the month

Kirsty Mcleod

Since opening the doors at Rushcutters, we have been very lucky to  work with some very inspiring members of the community. Kirsty is definitely one of those and a crowd favorite between all the staff and members. The acknowledgement of her being our May member of the month comes on the back of an extremely consistent period of training and program engagement since day 1.
She has completed all of the RH challenges with close to 100% compliance in every one of them, and sticks to her training plan thoroughly which involves 2 x PT sessions a week, group classes and mixed netball twice a week. Since starting Kirsty has decreased her body fat percentage from 26% down to 22% and has been able to keep that stable since December last year. As that is a massive result in its own right, Kirsty put’s down improvement in mobility  and particularly her left shoulder as her biggest success since starting. As a result of this she has been able to avoid Injury and improve strength something that has haunted her in the past. In particular a big improvement with exercises that involve push movements such as the bench press. An emphasis on core strength has also enabled her to perform squats in a more controlled and effective matter utilizing the correct muscle groups during the movement.
Kirsty has both worked with Nicholas and Mark at various stages through her time at Rushcutters. Both trainers are continuously amazed and Inspired with how Kirsty is able to be so consistent whilst holding an intense Job, a job which regularly challenges sleep patterns and healthy habits. She continuously bounces back when it is easy to give up and stop, never makes excuses and always shows up to the party. We also agree that Kirsty’s ability to be the first to offer help to others around her before herself is what makes her such a great human and a pleasure to work with. She epitomizes what the Rushcutters Health brand is all about and we love her for it. Congratulations Kirsty, keep up the good work.