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Luis La Pegna

Client of the month

Luis La Pegna

Luis has been training with us since January 2019. Luis was looking for a boutique gym that had a local community vibe amongst its members.

Luis has lost 10 kg and a total of 21 cm from his girth measurements. Luis achieved his results through partnering up with his personal trainer who was able to understand his needs, goals and knew how to guide him through his journey.

” Personal discipline and realistic short term goals have helped me to achieve my results. They help me to stay focused and by achieving these goals i feel proud for myself.” Luis is training with his trainer twice a week and you probably have seen him running in Rushcutters bay park which he does everyday.

Luis is enjoying Rushcutters Health non pretentious vibe and genuine interest that Rushcutters Health team show in their members. Luis says: “I would recommend that living a realistic balance in your life of health and fitness will give you lasting results.” Luis next goals are building on the foundation of what he has achieved with his body and lifestyle and develop more muscle definition.

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