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Nigel Blaney

Client of the month

Nigel Blaney

Nigel Blaney

Congratulations Nigel Blaney for the client of the month!

Nigel has been achieving amazing results during his time at Rushcutters Health.

Nigel is working in high corporate world and has been able to lost 9 kg of body weight since he started training with his trainer last August. He has been coming to each booked session and still training 3 times outdoors.

Training has been helping increase his muscle mass and improved definition on his upper body and legs. Nigel has improved his push ups and is able to do 15 body weight push ups compared with 3, prior his training in Rushcutters Health.

Nigel achieved his results mainly thanks to his consistency of training and by improving his diet. He decreased his alcohol consumption during a week and drinking only 2 to 3 drinks on the weekend.

Training has helped Nigel to get rid off his back and hip pain. He feels much stronger and fitter both, at his training sessions and daily life.
We are all proud that Nigel is part of our Rushcutters Health Family and we can’t wait to see your next achievements.

Well done Nigel!

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