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7 benefits of training with a Friend or in a Group


7 benefits of training with a Friend or in a Group

Small group training is a lot of fun but and it also gets results. Research has shown that group training leads to faster and better results when compared to working out on your own. Knowing this, it should be obvious that adding small group training to your fitness routine is a fast track way to success. But in case you needed a little more motivation, here are 7 more great reasons to get involved in Group Graining.

  1. Routine – Group fitness sessions are offered at the same time on the same day every week. Putting your group fitness session on your calendar allows you to set aside the time and get into a routine with your training on a weekly basis, which significantly increases the likelihood you will stick with the program.
  2. Accountability – It is much easier to skip a workout if you are training on your own. It may be raining, too cold, too hot, windy, you feel too tired……name the excuse. It is much easier to bale on yourself than in a group setting where you make friends and they expect you to show up every session. They hold you accountable. Accountability to the group and the instructor is one of the greatest things that makes group training superior to training on your own.
  3. Set the Pace – Whatever the setting, no matter how motivated you are, there are limits to how hard you can or will push yourself when you are training by yourself. It is easier to go at a slower pace or quit one or two reps short of what you could have done. Group sessions set a pace for everyone to follow and you do everything you can to keep up. When the person next to you squeezes out 10 reps, you are going to do 10 as well.
  4. Healthy Competition – Healthy competition is a great benefit of group training. Most people have a competitive nature when it comes to fitness and exercise. Of course group training should be fun and functional, but at the end of the day watching other people work hard and push themselves is a great way to get the competitive juices flowing and push for an extra rep or two.
  5. Motivation and Encouragement – Training with a group of like-minded people is a really great way to maximise results. People within the group will encourage each other to push harder, lift more and keep going. The encouragement from others is a great feeling and very motivating.
  6. Accommodating of All Fitness Levels – A good instructor will work with the group and accommodate the various fitness levels of all individuals participating. At Rushcutters Health, we pride ourselves on the quality of our coaches. Our group sessions allow a beginner to train with someone more advanced in a group setting and both get a great workout. On top of that the beginner is exposed to what an advanced person can do and has something to work towards.
  7. Interesting – Most group sessions offer a variety of exercises using a variety of equipment. From TRX Suspension trainers to kettle bells, dumbbells to heavy bags to medicine balls to everything in between. Group training offers a great diversity in the exercises and the equipment within each session.

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