Unleash the Power of Planks: How Long You Really Need to Hold On


Unleash the Power of Planks: How Long You Really Need to Hold On

So, get this: there’s a woman out there who held a plank for a jaw-dropping 4 hours, 19 minutes, and 55 seconds. Meanwhile, most of us are struggling not to collapse after a mere minute. It got us wondering, though, how long do you actually need to endure a plank to see results? Good news for us mere mortals – you don’t need to channel your inner superhero.

According to research the sweet spot for ab-strengthening planks is around 90 seconds for women and just under 2 minutes for men. Much more doable, right?

Now, let’s talk strategy. Sure, you can plank every day, but the magic lies in how you do it. The time can range from 10 seconds to a minute, but the key is maintaining perfect form. Only do it as long as you can keep this.

We suggest aiming for three sets of up to 60 seconds. But don’t fret if you can’t hit that mark right away. Start small, with shorter sets, and work your way up. We recommend a cool routine: 10 seconds on, 5-10 seconds off, then back at it for 10 seconds. Repeat this for three to six sets, and voila – you’ve got yourself a killer workout.

Now, the golden minute. It’s an ideal sweet spot, providing that perfect challenge. The longer time under tension makes things more interesting. But here’s a tip: If you’re breezing through a minute, up the ante by contracting those abs, squeezing the glutes, and giving your quads some love.

Remember, don’t go overboard. Pushing yourself too hard can strain your lower back. If you feel the burn, take a breather – a 60-second break, to be exact.

Okay, but why should we even bother with planks? This is because your core muscles play a crucial role in keeping your body in check. Core strength equals stability, balance, overall strength, and a heightened ability to tackle everyday tasks. It’s like a secret weapon for moving, breathing, and functioning at your best.

Regular core strengthening can be a game-changer for chronic back pain sufferers. The stronger your core, the less strain on your lower back, knees, and shoulders. So, let’s get planking and unleash the power within!

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