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The secret to getting MORE out of life


The secret to getting MORE out of life

The “Wheel of Life” is a commonly used tool utilised by some of the most respected people in the health/life coaching arena. It is a thought-evoking visual representation used to identify your life priorities, imbalances, and ultimately set new goals to propel you towards your greatest life.

Paul Meyer has been credited with the modern day Wheel of Life, however, it has been around for the last 1000 years. The circle represents your life, with each section representing different aspects of it. The idea of critiquing your current level of achievement is to assess if you are neglecting any aspects dear to your heart, or possibly too committed to others. 

So, heres how to apply the wheel to your own life.

1. Brainstorm your highest life priorities:

Before you even label your Wheel of Life, you first need to ask yourself what truly matters to you. You are to identify the aspects you wish to measure on the wheel and fill them in. I recommend using 6 to 8 different aspects.

Now as you proceed to move around the wheel, ask yourself: On a scale of 1–10 (10 being the best), what would I currently score myself in this segment of my life? For example, you may have a score of 8 for career, a 4 for personal development, and a 6 for health. 

2. Explore each area for improvement:

Begin to explore what you have scored yourself, and why. I want you to assess your scores in a solution-orientated way. Continue to delve into what you currently believe you are excelling at, and of course, what areas need the most attention. Now identify what aspect you would most like to improve first and start focusing more on what truly matters to you.

 A great question to ask for each would be, “in order for me to score myself a 9 out of 10, what would I have to improve in my current life?” 

3. Pave your way to your best life:

By now you have gained insight into not only what you hold closest to your heart, but also how you perceive yourself in each of these aspects of life. You should have a clear understanding of what it would take in order for you to live an optimally fulfilled life.

It’s now time to lay down an action plan for implementation.

I want you to apply Pareto’s 80/20 Principle, and choose an area in which you would like to improve that holds the greatest potential for bettering your life. Picture yourself as a 9 out of 10 when you next assess your Wheel of Life, and ask yourself, “What do I need to do between now and than?

Get as specific as possible as you lay out your goal, and action plan. You need to work backwards from the goal you have set and have small, measurable steps to ensure you are headed the right way. It may be as simple as leaving work by 3 every Friday to spend time with your family. 

Final Thoughts:

I want to leave you to think about something intriguing. All aspects of your Wheel of Life have the potential to positively or negatively impact one another, but none more so than your health. When your health scores low, it will ultimately pull all other aspects of your life down with it. On the flip side, when you are showing up for your personal training sessions, eating a diet high in un-processed food and getting plenty of sleep, all other areas of your life will improve.

Health ultimately has a greater impact on your life than any other aspect, and you should seriously consider the time you are willing to put into bettering it. My advice is to do at least 3 quality-training sessions per week, make sure you are getting enough sleep, and get in touch with your trainer to discuss how you can improve your current diet. If you are not a member at Rushcutters Health already, feel free to click here and book in a time to chat to one of our friendly team.

I hope that you are able to follow this guide and give some real thought into what your ideal life looks like, and whether you are currently on the path to living it. As always, if you would like some help going through any of this, our team is always here to help.

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