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Superfood Vs Superfad: Deciding what’s worth adding to your cart


Superfood Vs Superfad: Deciding what’s worth adding to your cart

Here is a list of superfoods that are packed with nutritional benefits, yet are not as popular as the others. Next time you raid the produce section, make sure to get a couple of these foods packed with Vitamin C and fiber into your meals.


  1. Tahini – this sesame seed paste is rich with vitamin E and antioxidants that will be good for your skin, bone and brain health. Drizzle this into your morning oats or into your salad for that extra flavor.
  2. Golden beetroot – if you are looking to improve endurance, then this is what you should be buying. This is rich in stamina-boosting nitrates and glutamine that is also great for your heart health.
  3. Ginger shots – this is a juicing trend that’s worth trying. It reduces blood sugar by 12% and has antiviral properties too.
  4. Ackee – this is Jamaica’s national fruit and has barely any cards but loaded with protein and healthy fat.
  5. Nutritional yeast – vegans get their vitamin B12 from this and has become very popular for those craving for the taste of cheese because it has a nutty, umami taste. Just sprinkle this on your meals when you need that extra boost of energy.
  6. Tinned sardines – these are rich with protein, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids. This is also a great non-dairy source of calcium that is important in maintaining bone health.
  7. Tiger nuts -these are not nuts, but nut-like tubers that tastes like almonds. It has insoluble fiber that is good for gut health and avoiding blood-sugar spikes.
  8. Seacuterie – instead of the usual sausages and cured goodies in charcuteries, this uses fish that is rich in protein and omega-3
  9. Sprouts – sprouts, kale, and cauliflower are packed with glucosinolates which is known for having anti-cancer effects.
  10. Mussels – these are a good source of protein and manganese that are great for immunity and brain function. Mussels are also known to decrease joint inflammation.
  11. Cottage cheese – this type is low in fat but super rich on protein. It’s also rich in casein which is digested slowly by your system to feed hunger.
  12. Kale pesto – this is rich in vitamins A, c, and K. we suggest you eat it in pesto form as these can be very bland in salads
  13. Seitan – this is a good meat substitute and would be an excellent source of amino acids for vegans.
  14. Wakame – usually used in miso soup, this is rich in fucoxanthin and hesperetin.
  15. Black beans – black beans are known to be good protection against heart disease, weight gain, and diabetes.
  16. Jerusalem artichoke – not an artichoke but a root vegetable and can be used for creamy soups. It is rich in fiber that is good for your digestion.
  17. Potatoes – spuds are rich in antioxidants and there are a hundred of possibilities in prepping it.
  18. Pea protein – this is known to increase muscle strength and is actually better than whey and can be a good addition to your collection of post-gym powders
  19. Gherkins – these are preserved cucumbers that are very easy to digest and are good for your gut


While we’re at it, here is a list of foods that masquerade as superfoods but are not as healthy, so we would recommend to take these off your shopping list:

  1. Manuka honey – these are well known for fighting infections and allergies, and although they have antioxidant properties, it is 80% sugar and more pricey than regular honey
  2. Brown rice milk – although this is gluten-, nut-, and soy- free, it doesn’t have any nutritional content.
  3. Vegan cheese – plant-based cheese may sound nutritious but most of these are made of coconut oil and modified starch which are rich in saturated fat.
  4. Lentil puffs – these are sold as a healthier option to chips but although they are higher in fiber content, these are still processed so the nutritional benefits of lentils are lost in manufacturing.
  5. Liquorice – this claims to have a number of health benefits but truth is when eaten everyday this can cause potassium levels to fall and will result to a rise in blood pressure
  6. Cauli Steak – cauliflower is meant to be a side dish. Although it is high in micronutrients, it is not a good source of protein.
  7. Lemon Water – there’s no science that supports the claim that drinking this upon waking up will speed up your metabolism, drinking something acidic in the morning can actually be damaging to your teeth, doing more harm than good.
  8. Raw spinach – eating raw spinach doesn’t kill its oxalic acid component that prevents your body from absorbing the nutrients of veggies that you digest.
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