Study Shows top reasons for choosing & staying with a Personal Trainer


Study Shows top reasons for choosing & staying with a Personal Trainer

All personal trainers have desirable qualities, certifications and have some level of academic preparation, so how to be people choose a good PT from a bad one? and what makes them likely to continue with the trainer long term?


  1. The main reasons for hiring a personal trainer are:
  • frustration with their body shape and lack of results
  • to get assistance with motivation for adherence to an exercise and eating regime

Personal Training clients are initially frustrated with their physical appearance, and feel that hiring a Personal Trainer will help short-cut the process and provide the added motivation to make measurable changes to their body composition, energy levels and overall confidence.


  1. When selecting Personal Trainers, clients look for:
  • The trainer with the best track record for helping clients achieve results
  • Someone whose own physical appearance is toned and fit
  • Trainers who show empathy for their clients and offer support

People prefer trainers who have personally experienced the challenges associated with weight loss and adhering to an exercise program themselves, because it makes them more comfortable during the training session. It also gives them confidence that they could achieve their own goals.

People also often evaluate potential trainers based on the trainer’s physique. They confidently believe that a trainer who is fit and toned would know how to help them. It is a common notion that a trainer with an attractive build must be motivated to be healthy, so they must possess the skill to motivate others as well.


  1. Clients stay on with their personal trainers because of the trainer’s:
  • social and interpersonal skills
  • ability to focus full attention on the session
  • ability to help the client achieve desired results

While the appearance of the trainer’s physique is important as a first impression, other factors generally overcome this as training progresses. For most people it is important to see results within their own bodies. Other factors such as other people’s achievements with the personal trainer, and the trainer’s commitment to helping other clients, play a significant role as to how long clients stay with their personal trainers.


  1. In regard to professional preparation:
  • Clients believe that ongoing education is important
  • Trainers believe that passion for people and fitness is important

Clients value a trainer’s knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and exercise program design. They also love passionate trainers who help motivate them to become better.

Although social skills, individuality, education, and passion are important to people, detectable changes in their bodies or results (example, weight loss, improved muscle tone, increased energy level) appear to be the most powerful factor influencing continued work with a trainer and choosing a trainer. Results refer to the changes that people feel and see in their bodies or other people’s bodies, which is consistent with their reason for hiring a personal trainer in the first place.


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