How To Increase Bone Density


How To Increase Bone Density

We all know bone density is an important topic when it comes to health and fitness as we age, but do we know why? More importantly, are you taking the simple steps to improve YOUR bone Density?



A condition in which bone density decreases and become frail, far more susceptible to fractures. It can result in loss of height, severe back pain, and postural misalignment, which if left for too long can even impair your ability to walk.

The good news for those of you reading this is that there are a few simple steps we can all follow to increase our bone density.



Combined with other minerals, calcium gives your bone strength and structure, also enabling the healthy function of your heart, muscles, and nerves. Your body will utilise the calcium we feed it if available so be sure to eat a varied diet consisting of calcium rich foods:

  • All dairy foods
  • Salmon & Sardines contain bones rich in calcium
  • Broccoli, Cabbage, Bok Choy, Cucumber, Celery
  • Almonds


Vitamin D

Is a major contributor to bone density as it helps the body with calcium absorption. An obvious source to look for vitamin D is the sun, for us in Sydney however, this is easier said then done during winter. Due to this, supplementing with vitamin D can be a smart option if you are not getting 5 minutes exposure each day to the sun. Remember to be sun safe when outside and maybe even get a sneaky workout done while you are at it!


Osteogenic Loading (weight bearing)

Weight bearing activities and programs written by us here at Rushcutters Health specifically to help with bone density are critical in improving bone health. It really is the last piece of the puzzle. You have now supplied your body with enough calcium and vitamin D, but without the stimulus your body wont work on repairing and increasing bone density.


Weight training slightly compresses the bone matrix and triggers the cells to recruit more calcium and other minerals that ultimately lead to strong bones.

The best exercises to help with bone density include:

  • Specific Weights Program
  • Running
  • Broad and Lateral Jumps
  • Deadlift variations.


If you believe you need to increase the longevity of your body, be sure to reach out to us here at Rushcutters Health. Our team of experienced trainers would love to sit down and tailor a specific program for you.

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