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How to get TONED ARMS and feel confidence wearing singlets


How to get TONED ARMS and feel confidence wearing singlets

Firstly, dispel the myth that lifting heavy weights will make you ‘bulk up’.

Secondly, dismiss the idea that you can spot reduce a particular area of your body.

Thirdly, recognise that consistency and effort is required to change your body, but know that it can be done.

The secret to confidence when wearing singlets actually begins with developing the shoulder cap, rather than working the arms. A well formed shoulder cap makes your arms and even your waist look more narrow. As a general rule, when you go to the gym to “tone up” it usually means you’re trying to make your shoulders seem wider and your waist more narrow, this is known as the V-Shape. Compound movements, like using and developing the back and chest, follows as a close second to good shoulder development in the quest to rock the singlet. Any good upper body exercise session should begin with compound movements developing the back, chest, and shoulders, and finishing with isolated movements targeting the biceps and triceps.

You must know that building a beautiful upper body requires developing your strength and being unafraid to lift heavier weights. Please move past the fear that “you will bulk up”. Know that muscle is far more dense in construction than fat and so it takes up less space, and this is why a muscular person appears lean and shows definition.

Strong feels empowering, creating inner-confidence leading to better posture, which helps us to wear that singlet unashamedly.


Dumbbell Bolder Shoulder Workout:

10 x 10 x 3 x 3:

OR 10 Exercises x 10 Repetitions x 3 Sets x 3 Times Weekly

  • 10 x Shoulder Presses
  • 10 x Upright Rows
  • 10 x Bent Over Rows
  • 10 x Rear Delt Flyes
  • 10 x Push-ups
  • 10 x Tricep Dips
  • 10 x Front Raises
  • 10 x Lateral Raises
  • 10 x Bicep Curls
  • 10 x Tricep Kickbacks


The finishing touches:

  • Add in a good abdominal exercise routine and some cardio to complete the picture.
  • And don’t undermine all this effort by sabotaging yourself in the kitchen. Nutrition is the best starting place to overhaul your health and well-being. At its simplest level, a commitment to eating no processed foods.
  • Try a V-Neck Tank Top with Wider Straps: The V-shape rule is one to follow when buying clothes to enhance your shoulders to make your waist look smaller.
  • Avoid a thin shoulder strap as it will only make the rest of you look wider.
  • The key is in the fit: Dress for your body shape and size. Make sure to avoid anything that is too loose as it will only accentuate a thin frame or make you look bigger than you actually are. Too tight, pushes everything up and emphasises bulges.
  • Wear Black or White: Black is slimming, try pairing your darker tank top with a lighter shade on the bottom. This contrast will create the illusion of more definition.
  • Try different patterns and textures: Vertical stripes will lengthen you and fabrics with texture can distract.
  • Get a reputable spray-tan or contour your arms with makeup use a bronzer lightly.
  • Wear loose fitting bracelets and avoid cuffs. This helps your arms look thin by creating a gap between jewellery and your skin.
  • Finally, practice good posture and confidence: It’s all about the package deal.


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