How to feel sexy after menopause


How to feel sexy after menopause

Let’s start with double standards.

Men do pause too. After 30, their muscle mass declines at a rate of 1-2% per year, along with testosterone. For women it’s estrogen, but they’re usually the only ones who are portrayed with hormonal heartache.

Although there isn’t a heavy flow of ‘male menopause’ products in this world….Who says it’s time for women to hit pause on being sexy while men get to go through their glamorously portrayed ‘mid-life crisis’?

Who says you can’t be head-turning until you’re 80?

Social media is full of MYTHS surrounding health and we love breaking those myths And we already know the health benefits of exercising are too many to count.

So let’s push play on a ‘Meet the Fockers’ movie, and applaud Barbara Streisand’s character ‘Pam Focker’ who’s fresh attitude on aging and feeling sexy can inspire a generation….

Why start exercise after 50?

“Exercise can help you to feel sexy in your skin, as well as increasing sexual desire when you have a lower lido,” says Tracy Cox, author of Great Sex Starts at 50. “You already know how important blood flow is for the genitals and sex drive…It’s also good for our brains.”

If you’ve gotten into a body rut: not eating enough nutritious food, having some weight to lose, or having enough time to be active; You’ll get a handle on menopause and post-menopausal symptoms with some exercise that releases feel-good hormones.

Personal training can assist you to knuckle down on your previous lifestyle habits. Our gym is designed to settle negativity, lift confidence and lay negative emotions to rest within a non-intimidating studio environment.

Menopause and mindset

Age is just a number. You only need to look at Barbara Streisand, Kylie Minogue or Lisa Wilkinson to build that belief. Feeling and looking young; it’s all within the mind and greatly assisted with a fitness routine.

We’ve seen loads of people overcome their shyness about approaching a personal trainer since the rise of so many fitness trends.

Affirmations can help too; JLO says she feels a little ridiculous for saying them out loud, but doing so keeps her skin looking youthful.

Others are completely tight-lipped about menopause. French women, for example- Disown the process altogether. The cultural norm is to not discuss it with their husband or closest friends, and whilst this could potentially be toxic- Others label it as the key to overcoming the change.

Some women feel that because they haven’t been fit and active in the past, that it’s “too late to start now.’

Feeling sexy starts with the power within you!

And there’s no such thing as too late or too early. Exercise isn’t a debt you have to repay! You can just start at any time, any day.

Changes in the body from Menopause

We’ve found a few interesting things to note here:

For women, a drop in estrogen might cause vaginal dryness. Tracy Cox says this shouldn’t make you, or your partner feel disappointment in the bedroom and is completely normal.

Many studies have shown a direct relationship between menopausal symptoms and diet, as well as cultural differences.

An anthropological study of 48 Indian women found most complained of no other symptoms to their menstrual cycle. Others found that hot flushes are rare for Japanese women. The high amount of soy in the average Japanese diet may be well responsible for this. Diet and lifestyle certainly play their part.”

Despite hot flushes and decreasing libido, exercise can build it up. It helps control weight and melts belly fat. Exercise also lowers your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

Hormone levels- held largely responsible for the side effects of menopause- Are significantly influenced by how we eat, sleep and exercise.

Taking control of the circadian rhythm is easily achieved with a program from a personal trainer. Here are ideas for two of the most popular approaches to getting started:

Strength Training for 50-year-old women.

Training with strength isn’t scary as you might think- It can reverse the loss of muscle mass and slows down bone loss. And just like the label on your anti-aging serum? There are plenty more ingredients for success:

  • Builds-up bone mass
  • Builds new muscle density
  • Decreases your body fat
  • Lowers the risk of chronic diseases
  • Improves your mental health
  • Strengthens your balance
  • Tones your core muscles
  • Develops better chest muscles.

And no Hydrochloric acid! (just a bit of sweat)


It’s not a trend. It’s not a movement. It’s a series of poses that form an ongoing club that’s better than the pokies….

According to a 2016 study by Yoga Alliance nearly 38% of yoga practitioners are over the age of 50. There are 8 different main types including Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Lyengar, Kundalini, Bikram, Jivanmukta, Yin or Restorative.

Here are a few you might join in:


For beginners; a combination of breathwork and physical poses in a more relaxed style. You will leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated with minimal sweat.


Thinking of moving into some more advanced techniques? Ashtanga is more physically demanding and includes a great deal of breathwork. It’s similar to Vinyasa yoga. It’s expected to be a more traditionally paced workout.


You’ve probably seen the sweaty women walking out with towels of a Bikram yoga class. It’s done in a sauna/classroom with 26 different postures, modern roots and a range of 90-150 degrees.

Feeling sexy is unique for everybody. The satisfaction of feeling slim in your jeans, or feeling confident when you dine out could be the first pieces of motivation for a new workout. Personal Trainers can build a routine to suit your lifestyle, the equivalent of putting a “cowboy hat on the door.”

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