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How exercise can make you happier


How exercise can make you happier

We of course all know the benefits that exercise provides for your physical health, stronger bones, a toned body, a strong heart but what about the benefits that exercise can provide for your mental health? Lockdown isn’t the ideal situation for anyone. Going through extended periods of isolation from the outside world can take a toll on someone’s mental and physical health, which is why it is more important now more than ever that people stay active and keep moving not only for the physical benefit but also the mental benefits.


Sleep isn’t just beneficial for your physical recovery but also for your mental recovery. Getting poor sleep can have a negative effect on the state of your mental health which can lead to Stress, anxiety or depression. Incorporating a regular exercise regimen can help people get better quality of sleep. Studies shown by the sleep foundation have shown that people who only exercised once a week usual slept on average 6 hours a day which contributed to average or poor sleep quality.

Stress, anxiety and depression

Exercise has a direct effect on your mental health, by exercising you release hormones in the body which will directly affect your mood and the overall function of your brain. The sense of consistency following a daily exercise routine can help people handle the stresses from you daily life while also giving you the sense of calmness. Exercise can also serve as a distraction from the outside world by giving you time to just concentrate on yourself and develop yourself as an individual.


As we mentioned before exercise has a direct effect on your mental health by reducing stress and anxiety, and as a result exercise will have a positive effect on your mood by not only calming you down but also by motivating you to achieve more in life. As you may know exercise has been proven to release endorphins into your brain and endorphins help with boosting your mood, self-confidence and pride.

Socialising in lockdown

Exercise can also be used to improve your social life. Especially now with the corona virus the threat of a lockdown can come swift and fast at any time and the feeling of isolation can add a lot of un needed stress during this time. Now more than ever it is important for everyone to stay close and keep in contact with their loved ones, so why not make your exercise into a more social event, by meeting up with someone to train with. If times are extra tough and you need to isolate yourself why not incorporate group workout zoom session online with your friends or family.

To conclude there are many other benefits that exercise can contribute to your mood and I’ve only touched upon a few, the main point that I want to get across with this blog is that exercise is absolutely essential for not only someone’s physical health but also mental health. So, remember guys to stay active, keep it social and get enough sleep.

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