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How Exercise can Boost your Immune System


How Exercise can Boost your Immune System

Does exercise boost your immune system against the Corona Virus and common cold? The immune system is highly responsive to exercise and heavy breathing has been proven to clear the airways of bacteria.

Although there isn’t data yet on a proven defence against Corona Virus, exercise has been recommended as a way to clear lungs and airways as a natural defence against the cold and flu.

Science has been working hard to research the links made between exercise and immunity since the early 90’s. Reducing stress, planning your workouts and building lean muscle mass are the most proven ways to strengthen your bodies immune system.

Find out more health tips to boost your immune system below:


Stress, illness and the immune system

If the phone is beeping, kids need dinner and you’ve got plenty of bills to pay- It’s possible there could be a riot of tension between your mind and body awareness. Perhaps you can master the balance between bliss and bills with a little calming yoga.

Coping with stress is strategic. And if you build your stress-defence muscles, you’ll strengthen your immune system too.

Just a series of 8 simple yoga poses can enhance your psychological wellbeing and free up your lungs and airways to release bodily congestion.

If you’ve ever struggled to make it from one holiday booking to another, finding yourself calling-in sick; it’s not entirely uncommon to find yourself crying during or after your first-time practicing yoga.

Yes, really.

Highly stressed individuals are known to experience an enlightening release of tension from the body known as ‘the journey of the warrior.’ And although it’s rarely mentioned at the gym, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed if this should happen to you.

Other stressed individuals will simply find that yoga is exactly the kind-of self-care ritual they need to relax.

Lower levels of stress are linked to stronger immune systems, and this allows your body to calm strains upon the circulatory system. Lower stress can also release further risks in relation to heart conditions.

Validated by: Brady (1958) seems to support this theory.


Exercise responsibly. Plan-out your sessions just like a pro.

Many questions that science has answered on ‘how to boost your immune system’ have come from studies performed on professional athletes.

Results have found that developing an individualised training and nutrition plan with plenty of time to sleep, nourish and hydrate your body will provide you with the support you need to succeed in boosting your immune system.

Science has also repeatedly found that more exercise isn’t necessarily better. Even though you could want to look hot at your best friend’s wedding ASAP- Without proper care and attention to detail, you could risk overwhelming your body to a point where it uses up carbohydrate stores known as ‘glycogen.’ This unleashes stress hormones that panic your beloved immune system.

To avoid overwhelming your body and suppressing its immune function, the best point of action is to avoid workouts that will place too much stress on your muscles, such as downhill running.

This is where Virtual Training steps-in, because when you’re working with a specialized program from home, you can easily stay motivated and measure your results…. Unlike driving to the nearest hiking track and completely wearing yourself out.

It’s also a positive move to avoid placing too much stress on muscles during the Corona Virus pandemic. Which could lead to increased risk of contracting an upper respiratory tract infection.

The only coughing we want to do here is suggestive. And that is, cough cough* to kick-off your training with a qualified professional who can monitor your body for any signs of strenuous activity.

We’ll monitor signs of overstretching and provide you with the kind-of moves that will sustain your body throughout your workout. We’ll also monitor any changes to your training in a way that strengthens your immune system by using healthy and manageable increments.


Protecting yourself against cancer and other diseases

Consider lean muscle mass to be a shield of immunity in times of need. Muscle mass composes a store of proteins that can be released in your immune system to fight-off diseases.

Boosting your body’s immune system- It’s been proven there’s a direct relationship between lifting bars of metal, building muscle mass and immune system function. With the added motivation of boosting your metabolism; it’s a certain that there are progressive benefits to resistance training that will make your body look, feel and battle to its highest potential immunity.

“If you have a higher muscle mass and you exercise, certain proteins are released from the muscle, and this is thought to have protective effects against cancer and other diseases,” says John Campbell, PH.D

If Progressive Strength Training doesn’t appeal to you, that’s okay- You can gear up for some aerobics which is also shown to have a positive impact on your muscle mass. Just as proteins are released in your body to fight off cancer or other diseases with PRT, aerobics has been directly linked to a reduction in colon cancer risks due to proven anti-carcinogenic effects.

Feeling motivated to boost your immune system beyond rigorous hygiene? We’ll make sure that your utmost health concerns are built into the routines we prescribe for you at Rushcutters Health.


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