Get Heidi Klum’s Diet and Workout Routine


Get Heidi Klum’s Diet and Workout Routine

Heidi Klum is an iconic fashion, swimsuit, and lingerie model who is idolized by many. She has been at it since 1990 but still hasn’t lost her edge even now that she is in her 40s.

Check out what she does to stay healthy and make sure that her body is always looking great and ready for the runway.


The Heidi Klum Diet

She doesn’t follow any specific diet but just tries to eat healthily. She fills her plate with vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins.

Since being a mum, she cooks a lot at home and avoids eating out. She prefers to know what goes into what she eats and wants to control what goes into her body.

She eats three big meals a day with her last meal at 6 PM when she eats supper with her kids. She believes that eating your last meal early in the evening helps your body digest the food and it makes you feel better and lighter.


Heidi’s favorite breakfast meals

Heidi keeps things simple with breakfast and usually makes an egg and vegetable combo. She would usually cook eggs with cheese and vegetables and pair them with fruit and tea.

For example, one meal would include 2-3 scrambled eggs mixed with peppers, onions, spinach, and parsley with mozzarella or feta cheese. She eats this with a bowl of fruit and a cup of tea with milk.

She sometimes starts her day with a smoothie – her go-to is one with chia, matcha, protein powder, and acai berries.


What Heidi eats for lunch

For lunch, she makes sure that her plate is full of protein, whole grains, and vegetables. She likes to try different types of stir-fries or grilled fish and poultry with a side salad.

Her favorite is stir-fried chicken and vegetables with basmati rice coupled with a mixed leaf salad and adds half a teaspoon of olive oil to add flavor and healthy fat.


What she usually has for dinner

Her dinners are very different from her lunches but she still makes sure to eat veggies and get lean protein into her meal.

Heidi’s dinners are more flavorful because she marinates her meat ahead of time. She likes chicken marinated in lime juice and parsley. She then grills that and serves it with salad.


And dessert?

Although she likes to keep it healthy, Heidi doesn’t deprive herself. On most days, she treats herself with a post-dinner dessert.

However, these are not too indulgent. She likes pairing fruit with yogurt or dark chocolate. Sometimes, she also enjoys juice and sorbet.


Heidi Klum’s Workout Routine

She has been modeling for a long time but she is still in tip-top shape. Though she changes her exercise routine from time to time, her love for her body and her desire to take care of herself has been consistent.


On being a Victoria’s Secret Model

She first walked down as Victoria’s Secret angel in 1999 and walked with them until their final show in 2009.

She trained hard to keep her body toned and lean with celebrity trainer David Kirsch who also trained other celebrities like Karolina Kurkova and Anne Hathaway.

They keep workouts focused and effective because Heidi is not a fan of long workouts and wants be in and out of the gym in 45 minutes.

Some of the common body-weight moves that David used on Heidi are:

  • Back and side lunges
  • Plank variations
  • Leg lifts
  • Arm rotations
  • Medicine ball rotation


Heidi Klum’s Daily Workout Routine Today

With little time left to work out, Heidi’s weight sometimes goes up and down. To keep healthy, she focuses on her diet and brings exercise into her routine in more natural ways.

She goes for walks and stays active with her kids like going on the trampoline with them and doing outdoor activities with the family.

Whenever she has the chance, she runs on the treadmill and uses some equipment she has around the house like some dumbbells, a Pilates ball, and ankle weights.


Heidi’s advice to other women

Heidi says that your weight may fluctuate but you have to try to remember why you want to stay healthy and she does it to live a good and full life, and she hopes to attain this by taking good care of herself.

Heidi also says that she loves her body shape because it’s hers and she wants to tell other women that they should also embrace their own body types.

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