Faces of Rushcutters Bay — Volume 2: Nathan Harrod

Nathan enjoying his at regular Friday morning treat at the Rusty Rabbit. “They make the best Almond Dirty Chai Latte”

1. How long have you lived or worked in the area?

I’ve lived ‘up the hill’ in Paddington for nearly 20 years. The combination of energy, creativity and style are very much to my liking. There’s a new vibe happening on the strip, lots of great furniture stores, not to mention the amazing restaurants, pubs and galleries.

2. What type of business do you run?

I run my own property transition and management business called ‘Mr. Harrod
My team and I manage everything a homeowner possibly may need including:

  • Preparing properties for sale
  • Professional Organisation Decluttering
  • Downsizing
  • Local and International Relocations (Private & Corporate)
  • Property Staging
  • Project Management
  • Estate sale and advice
  • Packing & Storage
  • Open Home Management for sales
  • Deceased Estate Management
  • Interior Design
  • Renovations
  • Handyperson Management
  • Concierge Services

And, we’re just in the process of launching a home subscription based service called ‘SORTED’ which covers anything needed for your home. From Handyman work to emergency plumbing, any trade only one phone call away.

3. What do you like most about your job?

I love managing a team of dedicated, creative, and hard working people and I enjoy the daily challenges that Clients may have but, most of all, I love working out how I can solve these issues expediently and easily for them. I also have the flexibility in my workdays, which means I can plan my regular gym workouts at Rushcutters Health and still be able to make my fitness a priority in my life, alongside my busy working hours.

4.Where do you find inspiration?

The people I meet in my work – from Clients to Tradies. Everyone that has a passion for their work.  The people I work with all prove to me that Australia has an amazing depth of creativity and technical skill and I am fortunate to be able to utilise this incredible talent base for my Clients on a daily basis. From these great people, I am always inspired for new designs, new trends, new materials and new technologies which are ever evolving and ever improving the way I do business.

Nathan’s Favourite Designers and Architects include

MacCormick Architects

Bates Smart

Charlotte Camilleri

5. How do you like to exercise?

I wake up at 4am (which is not as hard as it sounds), do 2 laps of Centennial Park every day without fail. I find this time to be a great time to plan the day in my head, and think about any challenges we’re about to face. In the afternoons, 3 days a week, I work out at the gym with my trainer Chris with a variety of strength and cardio objectives.  My trainer keeps my body and mind in peak condition. I believe very strongly that my physical and mental fitness are much intertwined and I would be lost without my regular workouts. It is a mental and physical salvation! Not only have I been set goals and made accountable, I have grown as a person in a capacity that I could not have achieved without the support and dedication of my Trainer, Chris.

6.    What are some of your Favourite restaurants/cafés/hangout?

Given my busy schedule, I don’t have a great deal of time for regular eating out however I do like to have monthly special dining experience with key friends and Clients at either at The Fish Shop in Potts Point (awesome sashimi platter). Locally to me, Cheeky Burger for a Calorie filled treat, or down at Five Ways, Eat Thai for their special pork belly salad, yummo.  I look forward to these places as a personal reward for hard work (and exercise!). The food and ambiance of these places are exactly what I love about the areas.

7.    What is your Favourite holiday destination

I have some good friends in Quebec where I have visited a few times and love the city of Montreal. But I am also very excited about doing a business trip to China this year for a Client, which will be amazing in terms of design as well as materials, and no doubt food as well!

Contact details:
Nathan Harrod | Sorted.
Mr. Harrod Pty Ltd
T:  +61 2 8036 5576 | M: 0422 63 88 44