Faces of Rushcutter’s Bay: Rachel Holmes

Rachel Holmes

Where are you from?

  • I am originally From Manchester, UK, but I’ve lived in now Australia now for 4 years.


Why do you do work and what do love most about it?

  • I run my own Dog walking business around Sydney’s east and CBD called Dogs Unleashed. 
  • I love the challenge of trying to make something work that I have been thinking about for a while as well as involve my love for animals. The 9-5 office routine wasn’t something I saw myself doing long-term so decided to finally pursue something I am passionate about. Plus, I love being outdoors!
  • Hopefully, still here in Sydney with Steve and running a successful dog walking business that will also provide other services i.e. Training, Grooming & Boarding


What are you Hobbies outside of work

  • I enjoy Running, Walking and I recently started playing Tennis again.


What are your Favourite foods

  • Italian – Pizza/ Pasta
  • Indian – Chicken Tikka Masala


What do you enjoy about exercise

  • I enjoy the challenge of trying to get back into shape as well as the confidence that it brings once your fitness is back up and you are feeling good about yourself. I also love the variety and accountability I receive training 1on1 with Tony each at Rushcutters Health and seeing what I can achieve.


What are life Goals for 2019?

  • Continue with the gym and getting into shape as well as focusing on long term healthy diet routine
  • Living here in Sydney with Steve, running a successful dog walking business and introducing new services like Dog Training, Dog Grooming & Dog Boarding.


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