Faces of Rushcutters Bay: Melanie Adam


Faces of Rushcutters Bay: Melanie Adam

How long have you lived and worked in the area?

10 years now


What type of business to you run?

Snog the Frog costumes Surry hills


What do you like most about your job?

Dressing people up so they look ridiculously funny and making them laugh!


Where do you find inspiration?

Sleep, food and eccentric people


How do like to exercise?

With a personal trainer otherwise I wouldn’t!😁


What are some of your favourite restaurants,/cafes, hangouts

Rosebay dog beach, Giorgio’s in the cross and Golden age cinema


What is your favourite holiday destination

Last Christmas I took my daughter to Hawaii – perfect amount of sunshine, beach time and a few adventures. So, I guess anywhere warm!


Contact details

Melanie Adam
T  (02) 9690 2001

Snog the Frog 8-10 Hart Street, Surry Hills 2010

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