Faces of Rushcutters Bay – Alyson Everast


Faces of Rushcutters Bay – Alyson Everast

With gyms popping up all over Sydney, I consider myself lucky to have found Rushcutters Health – my first ever experience of gym life. I had only a vague idea of what to expect and the personal trainer concept has proved to be beyond my expectations.

I fenced as a young woman then later played tennis and golf, none of which come close to the challenge and buzz I feel when boxing with Tony. He has endless patience and gives me extra support and encouragement when I backslide.

Tony was assigned a daunting task of reducing my weight and alcohol consumption but best of all, he introduced me to boxing. Some people associate boxing with a realm of pain but at the gym there is no connection to the flesh and blood fighters.

My sparring partner Tony emphasises the need for quick and accurate footwork – the boxer’s dance. Our sparring warm ups and core workouts take place under cover on artificial grass for safety and comfort. Then we commence our basic routine: I have no jab to speak of but occasionally will uncurl a soaring right uppercut as Tony and I lurch towards each other.

Living a longer and healthier life while maintaining an ideal weight is my main focus. Improving my nutrition and having a better balance with my alcohol consumption will be the most important factor that dictates how long and well i live and Rushcutters Health helps me with this and Tony is on my case.

Thankyou Tony

Alyson Everast

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