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Elyse Knowles bikini body workout


Elyse Knowles bikini body workout

Giving up the cityslicker lifestyle of Melbourne and making a move to Byron Bay was a lifestyle choice for the fruit loving foodie, Elyse Knowles who now embraces a more wholistic approach to health, exercise and wellbeing.

Since becoming the face of iconic Australian swimwear label, Seafolly, the model and former winner of ‘The Block’ Elyse Knowles claimed that her first whole-hearted mission when booked out for a modelling gig is to plan out her health and workout regime up until the day of the bikini shoot.

For the Face of Seafolly campaign, she worked towards being in the best shape of her life, using the brands name ‘Seafolly, Seafolly,’ as a mantra before the cameras started rolling for her Bikini slay.

Despite being a Bikini workout icon, Elyse Knowles is fully aware of the toxic comparisons people can make to social media stars and bikini models like herself, asking her audience in October 2020 to be themselves and have self-confidence when it comes to following people you admire.

If you’ve got the tan in a can and the bathing suit you want to fit into lined up, in this article you’ll find a whole bunch of different workout techniques to start achieving results in the same way as Elyse ‘Knowlesy’.


The Elyse Knowles Skateboard Workout

One of the workouts that Elyse likes best is her very own ‘Skateboard’ workout. There are 8 moves in total that will require a skateboard and a gym mat. You can check out the YouTube clip as a visual reference.

  • Elyse Knowles Skateboard Burpee’s

Hold onto each side of your skateboard at shoulder width height as if it’s a plank, then jump down to the floor, place the skateboard down. Hold onto the skateboard at all times and  jump out your legs behind you, jump back in and lift the skateboard above your head as you reach to the sky. Repeat without stopping 10 X.

  • Elyse Knowles Skateboard Push-Up’s

Get into a push-up position with one hand in the center of your skateboard and one hand on the floor. Keeping your back straight and your torso strong, extend your skateboard outwards as bend your other arm down into a regular push-up. When you’ve pushed the skateboard out, move the board back in as you complete your push up.

The technique of this movement is all about achieving the perfect balance, but with a dose of rolling wheels for improved workout focus.

  • Elyse Knowles Side Leg Squat

When it comes to performing a side leg squat, one of your legs will perform a regular squat while the other is placed on the skateboard, foot in the center. As you start to squat, roll the skateboard outwards and bend into a regular squat. Move it back into the start position as you rise. Keep your hands gripped together in front of you or one hand placed openly over each opposite shoulder for the best posture.

  • Elyse Knowles Skateboard Knee Push-up

Get into a push-up position with your knees on the floor, with one hand on the skateboard and one hand on the floor.  Keeping your back straight and your torso strong, extend your skateboard outwards as bend your other arm down into a regular push-up, as you come back up, move the skateboard back in. This is the same as move number two but slightly easier.

  • Elyse Knowles Skateboard Jumps

Jump over from one side of the skateboard to the other holding your legs together and bending them upon landing with hands clasped in front of you, as if performing a ski-jump. Do this 10X without stopping, two repetitions.

  • Elyse Knowles Skateboard Bridge

Start by laying flat on your back on a yoga mat and position your knees bent shoulder width apart with your feet on the skateboard. Ensure that your spine is in a neutral position and allow for your arms to rest by your sides on the mat. Once you press your heels into the skateboard, lift your pelvis upwards and bring the skateboard underneath it with your legs, exhale and move both your pelvis and skateboard back to your start position.

  • Elyse Knowles Skateboard Alternative Push-ups

For this particular push up, hold your arms straight, then lower your body as you move down, moving the skateboard forwards. Once extended, lift yourself back up and roll the skateboard back towards you, without bending either elbow.

  • Elyse Knowles Skateboard Lunges

Stand straight and brace your core muscles with one foot ready to lunge backwards on the skateboard. Instead of taking a step back, like a regular lunge, roll your skateboard backwards and bend your knee until it’s at a 90 degrees right angle. Then roll your leg forwards as you rise to the start position.


Working out like a local.

In Melbourne, you might have seen Elyse sweating it out at one of the many gyms across the city. Always going for Cardio, weights and HIIT workouts, she now blends high-intensity training with a Byron Bay lifestyle.

Since making the move, Elyse has been inspired by the local people in Byron Bay often “Walking, riding, swimming or surfing,” just about everywhere.

Instead of cardio, she’s doing big dog walks on the beach once or twice a day. Star runs and climbs at the lighthouse, outdoor boxing, surfing and riding her bike everywhere as well as making time for ‘tough’ workouts at home.

Elyse Knowles Lifestyle Habits

Although this lady is hardly ever without an invite to one of the hottest parties in town, Elyse Knowles says that she doesn’t really like alcohol and drinks a maximum of two cocktails, casually. She would rather just eat a great dessert.

Elyse Knowles  loves to wake up on a Sunday morning with no hangover, “feeling amazing.”

“If I drink, I see the effects in my belly almost instantly. I get a big hard bloated belly, which makes me feel really uncomfortable.”

“I’ve also been taking pilates classes lately, which has been amazing for my posture as it’s activating the right muscles. Activating your glutes and core is tough and pilates is great for these areas.”

Elyse Knowles loves weight training

When it comes to feeling confident in a bikini, Elyse Knowles knows that weight training is the “gift that keeps on giving.” Like many other weight trainees, she loves the feeling of calories burning days after she’s worked up a sweat.

Just like her ‘Seafolly, Seafolly,” mantra, Elyse believes that weight training compliments her strong and focused mindset. Running, is another story- Which she says is simply too hard on the knees.

Elyse Knowles on weight training:

“I enjoy the feeling of when my muscles are burning, my body is sweating and I’m puffing! I like to be challenged, I like to work hard and I love gaining muscle. Women tend to fear increased muscle mass as it can convert to weight on the scales, but it’s worth it. It’s not fat, it’s strength! My advice is to hop off the scales and hop into a positive mindset.”

Elyse Knowles on getting strong, toned arms:

“I try and target EVERYTHING when I work out. I work on my arms and my back a lot. I love seeing strong women with toned arms, especially mums holding their kids with strong, toned arms. When I see them, I always think to myself, “What a woman!” Another part of my body I focus on, is my glutes. I find it tough to activate mhy glutes…..and as I’ve mentioned. I like a challenge!”

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