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Well done 4in4 Champs!

Client of the month

Well done 4in4 Champs!

Well done Mr Matt Glassman. An amazing 6.5kg was lost during the 28 days. Matt set himself a big goal of losing 12cm off his waist and well and truly smashed it losing 15.5cm off his waist in total. Matt is now in the shape of his life ready to go and visit his family and friends back in the states. Congratulations!

Congratulations to this wonderful woman, Hazel. Even though Hazel smashed the challenge, losing 4.2kg in the 4 weeks, as well as 0.2cm from her chest, 3.7cm from her waist and 3.3cm from her hips, Hazel’s biggest achievement has been the changes made to her mindset and to her habits around food. Learning moderation, using food to nourish her body, and not feeling guilty about having an ‘off day’, diet wise, have really helped Hazel through a stressful year. She now uses meditation and walking in nature to manage her stress, instead of food; knows to plan and prep her food in advance and is always learning and growing from her mistakes. Hazel is a pleasure to train, and I’m super proud of you and the changes you have made to yourself, not just this last 4 in 4, but in the last year.

Special mention to Stuart losing 5kg in the 4 in 4 challenge! He did an outstanding job with his compliance ticking all the boxes over the 4 weeks his developed a great routine and I’m very proud of him!! but it doesn’t stop there! Stuart wants to keep on pushing and I’m very happy because he is embracing the change in his lifestyle and his loving it.

So proud of Katrina for putting an amazing effort in over the 28days of the 4in4 program resulting in 4.1kg reduction on the scales! Stoked to see Katrina nail all areas of compliance on the program, great results Katrina!

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