Client of the month

Steve Carrodus

Although Steve walked past the gym daily in his role as general manager of the vibe hotel, it still took him a few months after we opened to walk through our doors and take action on his health and fitness. Steve hadn’t trained for over 12 months when he began at Rushcutters Health, which makes his transformation and achievements even more exceptional.

On Day 1, Steve was 89.5kg and 31.5% body fat. His mobility was poor and he couldn’t jog for 20 minutes without stopping. Because of his lack of mobility and being completely deconditioned, he was unable to squat, deadlift or push-up with proper form or load and was unable to complete even 1 chin-up.

What Steve has achieved in under 6 months has been truly remarkable. Steve has reduced his weight from 89.5 to 81 kilos and decreased his body-fat from 31.5% to 18.3%. In regards to his strength training, he can now perform 10 front squats at 70kg’s, do 6 strict bodyweight pull-ups and enough push-ups to impress even a Navy SEAL! All these improvements are an amazing achievement but pale in comparison to the fact that Steve is now on track to running his first marathon! Steve is training hard and registered to complete The 2018 Gold Coast marathon in July. Steve’s mindset is truly one of his greatest strengths. Setting a goal to run and train for a marathon is not only a physically gruelling task but equally as tough to accomplish mentally.

Steve is a super humble guy who would talk all of the above down. He lives a balanced lifestyle, trains hard (and smart) eats consistently well but also enjoys a healthy social life. We are so stoked to have him a part of our RH community and know he is an inspiration to our members and our staff. Congratulations on being Mr April!