Client of the month

Simon Kelly

Simon Kelly

A huge congratulations to our February client of the month, Simon Kelly. After turning 40 Simon set a massive goal of losing 20 kilos to bring him under 100 kilos for the first time in a decade. Simon came back from lockdown at just over 120 kilos and on January 3rd got on the scales at 99.2 kilograms!

Simon took a very moderate but consistent approach to his weight loss. He completed 1 personal training session a week with his trainer focusing on strength and metabolic conditioning and then religiously completed 4-5 aerobic based sessions a week by himself.

As a bloke that was never shy to knock a few drinks back on the weekend, most impressively, he gave up alcohol for 6 months. A truly awesome effort that showed amazing self-discipline.

Everyone at Rushcutters is stoked to see how much Simon has transformed and are looking forward to seeing him set and reach new health and fitness goals in 2021.