Client of the month

Prue Ashleigh

A big congratulations goes to Prue for such outstanding results achieved during her time here at RH.

Here are Prue’s massive results since starting in July:

·      Lost 11.5kg in body weight

·      Lost over 40cm from 3 combined girth sites

·      Hasn’t missed a session since starting

Prue’s results can be mainly attributed to one word: Consistency. Not only has she not missed a session since starting with Sean, she has developed the habit of completing daily cardio every morning. This initially started as creating the habit of a lunch time walk each day and grew into her current training habit.

The same can be said for Prue’s nutrition. She initially started by committing to preparing her lunches instead of buying them at work. That lead to prepping more meals in advance and eventually following a food plan. Prue also had a good block of time off alcohol completely which helped her sleep and hormones get back into balance.

We love and appreciate Prue’s attitude when it comes to her training now. She dead set will have a go at anything and its inspiring to see her now lifting heavy weights and pushing hard with interval training. Prue has shown time and time again she is not afraid of doing the work and creating the habits that lead to long term success. Congratulations again Prue.