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Nina Stevenson

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Nina Stevenson

Nina Stevenson

It’s so nice to be able to give Nina this little award for being someone who is an inspiration to everyone at RH.

When Nina came to us she was active but her body was out of balance. To put it plainly, Nina lacked a foundation of strength, had very limited mobility and had some ongoing injuries that needed to be managed. She didn’t need to lose weight, but needed to change her nutrition and exercise habits to move her body in the right direction.

The prognosis above is not uncommon among hard working city dwellers. What is unique has been Nina’s dedication to every part of her program to get her to where she is today. Nina has followed every plan & every bit of advice (rehab, strength, fitness & nutrition) with total commitment, such an open mind and total trust in the process. Her program has moved through different phases: rehab, mobility, strength, fitness, back to rehab, etc and all have been followed with the same commitment even though some may be more enjoyable then others.

So when Nina started she was weak, unfit and injured. She couldn’t squat, push up or stabilise her spine when any loads were applied. Now; Nina Deadlifts over 60kg for reps, push ups correctly, does assisted chin ups, Back squats over 60% of her body weight to full depth. All pretty amazing when you think where she started just over 12 mths ago. Nina consistently trains 5 times a week now with a mixture of strength, cardio and mobility.

Here’s an example of why Nina is successful. We started her doing a little running on the treadmill thinking that might be a nice activity to do around the park. Nina can now run 3kms comfortably and has set a goal to run next years City 2 Surf. Why? Why wouldn’t you want to do something that challenges you and what you think your body can do? Thanks for being such an inspiration Nina, we are very lucky to have you at RH.

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