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Nick & Tamsyn

Client of the month

Nick & Tamsyn

A massive joint congratulations to our May clients of the month – Nick & Tamsyn our Feb 2019 ‘4 in 4’ champions.

Both complied to the program perfectly, Tamsyn dropped an impressive 5.2kg on the scales and Nick lost a massive 8.2kg over the 28 days.

Both Nick and Tamsyn are long time members at RH and have both achieved huge health and fitness goals already which made it extra impressive.

Perfect compliance to the program was the key to their big results, both Nick and Tamsyn had 100% compliance to the following areas for the duration of the program: Ate only 100% clean, unprocessed, whole foods off the approved foods list, exercised a minimum of 5 sessions per week including quality strength training work outs, ate the correct amount of daily calories and protein prescribed to them, recorded

all food eaten in a nutrition diary, followed the correct weekly nutrition phase and lastly abstained from alcohol or recreational drugs.

We are so proud of Nick and Tamsyn and congratulate them on this well deserved award.

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