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Nick Horgan

Client of the month

Nick Horgan

Nick started with us in December last year after finding it extremely difficult to lose any further weight in the attempts he had already had.

We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Nick, and feel honoured to write about his progression so far. With 17kg of weight loss Nick is a changed man, he has a new sense of self and his confidence is continually building. He now enjoys his strength sessions in the gym and taking his camera out and trekking his way around Sydney to comply with his cardio each week. This weight loss takes him below 100kg for the first time in 25 years!

Nick set initial goals to drop his blood pressure and get off medication so as he could meet his works medical checks… needless to say these goals have been surpassed and we have set new ambitious goals to get to 90Kg with ambitious strength goals as well.

Nick’s formula for success to all those reading this – consistency! No matter how he feels, he shows up for his sessions and tracks all of his food for us to go over together weekly. This has enabled a huge amount of knowledge to be passed on to Nick who loves cooking amazing dishes that meet his nutritional requirements.

The team here at RH are super proud of your efforts here mate and cant wait for what the future has to hold for you!

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