Client of the month

Michael Silvers

Michael has been a foundation member since late 2017 and has earned client of the month for his continued progress and consistency since joining.

Michaels first great achievement was his rehabilitation effort from a full foot reconstruction in early 2018. He underwent the massive surgery and spent the last 6 weeks of 2017 on his back, completely immobile in recovery from the surgery. The first 8 weeks of the year were spent in a moon boot assisted by a mobility scooter which still didn’t stop him coming in to train, all the while still being his chirpy and cheerful self.

After he was fully mobile he set out and achieved a weight loss goal of 7 kilos and began work to rebuild his diminished leg strength.

Since starting he can now let press 85 kilos for 12 reps, deadlift 40 kilos for 10 reps and consistently competes 3-4 strength based personal training sessions per week.

We absolutely love having Michael as a meme bet both for what he has achieved physically since joining and also the energy, humour and enthusiasm he brings to the gym and its members.