Client of the month

Mela Purdie

Mela came to Rushcutters in March this year determined to feel good and confident again after having a couple of years off training due to injuries and work commitments.  Over the past 6 months Mela has been nothing but Inspiring and dedicated to her training, rarely missing training sessions, sticking to her specific plan which consists of 3 strength sessions 2 cardio and a stretching/yoga day.  filling out a food log regularly  and being more conscious with nutritional habits have all helped massively .  The numbers speak for themselves with Mela and her results losing a total of 6kgs of body fat and  20 centimeters overall from measurements. She has recently fit into a pair of jeans that she has held on to and says the feeling of getting back into them is great and rewarding .

Some other noticeable changes with Mela has been her movement. Previous knee Injuries which resulted in  tight hips as well as a previous upper back injury  limited performing movements such as push ups, squats and Lunges effectively. After working on certain exercises during her 3 training sessions every week, we have managed to improve her  range of movement, to which she is now squatting and lunging without movement through her spine and feels much looser. With all this mentioned, most certainly one of the highlights for Mela this year has been her achievement to hold a Plank for 6 minutes with correct form. Something that she has been working extremely hard on to achieve.  The focus and strength during the testing is nothing short of admirable and Inspiring.

We are are honored to have someone like Mela a part of the Rushcutters Family and looking forward to seeing her achieve some more great results into the future.