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Kevin & Amelia

Client of the month

Kevin & Amelia

Big congrats to Kevin Clarke who lost 4.5kg in the recent 4 in 4 challenge, Kev was 100% compliant throughout the 4 weeks succeeding 5 exercise per week, sticking to the approved foods list, hitting 10,000 steps daily and lost an incredible 6.5cm from his Waist as well as 3cm off of his hips , Kev has been training with Oisin for almost 8 months now and does 3 PT sessions a week , always shows up and gives it his all.

Congratulations to Amelia for a super effort, and result, in our 4in4 challenge.
By really focusing on tidying up her eating habits, Amelia has lost an amazing 19.4cms from her total body measurements, as well as 3.3kg in bodyweight. Amelia has done a few of these challenges now, and it was a good chance for us to do a reset and reel some sneaky habits back in, in time for her engagement party in October! Consistency over perfection will win every time, and she has set herself up well with her habits to be able to continue them to October, and beyond! Great work Amelia!

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