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Keighly Ann Bell

Client of the month

Keighly Ann Bell

Keighley Ann Bell Also known as – KAB

When Kab joined us at Rushcutters Health her exercise habit was very inconsistent at best. However during her Initial Consultation with Sean it was clear that she was cut from a different cloth.

Kab had set compelling goals and said to herself that this wasn’t going to be an easy journey, but wanted the results more than ever!

To date Kab has lost 7KG in body weight and nearly a massive 40cm across 3 girth sites. Her training has been completely transformed, she can now deadlift and squat like a powerlifter whilst also showing big capacity on the rower. A lot of Kab’s success has been attributed to being really consistent with her food diary and working with Sean to improve her exercise adherence and in doing so has gained a more positive relationship with her training. Kab now never misses a session and trains super hard!
Sean (her trainer) says the key to Kab’s ongoing success is her mindset- she has a massive crack at any challenge put in front of her and her consistency has yielded amazing body shape, strength and fitness results.

We are very proud of you, thanks for inspiring the RH community.

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