Client of the month

Kat Burns


Kat had been prescribed and taken Nexium to reduce stomach acid and treat gastroesophageal reflux disease for 2 years. Her Doctor attributes her now drug free existence to weight loss and fitness.


Kat had knee joint pain, pronounced inward pronation of both feet and constant sciatic nerve pain. Kat trained though her injuries and we adjusted her program accordingly and in conjunction with physiotherapy uncovered the fundamental problem of a twisted pelvis. She is pain free today and is devoted to her 90/90 Hip Stretching Routine, taking the time at the end of every workout.


Kat states that her perceived overall sense of well being has increased by 50%. She feels positive and focussed and driven.


Kat is a professional woman with a very stressful job working 12 hour days. She leads a team undertaking huge projects for Samsung in design and experience retail. She works out 5 mornings a week from 5.30am to 6.30am and states that she now arrives at work (after her exercise session) with My A Game On. She feels energetic, positive, has focus and clarity and is solutions orientated.


Her husband, friends and family are amazed and proud of her change and dedication. Kat states that she was full of EXCUSES, in a RUT and NOT feeling good about herself. She had stopped exercising, was eating and drinking thoughtlessly and was concealing her body with floppy dresses and masking accessories.


Other members with their coaches and seeing SO many amazing progressions. Learning to LOVE exercise again, it has become my daily ritual, my precious even sacred time.

Rushcutters Health

Kat has been a member at other gyms and has done PT before however feels there is SUCH a difference at RH. She says the energy and vibe is SO good. That it feels like ‘my exercise studio’; that everyone here has your back and such respect for the gym; that she never feels intimidated, or self conscious or awkward, only relaxed; that she wonders at the process behind the trainer and client match – as we are such a right fit:))

Learning: Kat’s Take Away

Kat attributes her success to commitment to exercising 5-6 days a week. She still enjoys wine on the weekend and treats herself to chocolate. However admits that she has learned mindful enjoyment, moderation, portion control, balanced eating prioritising protein and salads and the quality of food consumed. Kat will share a pasta with her husband while both order a salad and she will have an Espresso Martini for dessert:))

What’s Next Kat

Kat is working on improving the quality and length of her SLEEP- Insomnia remains an issue.

Kat turns 44 next year and wants the best body of her life. She has not worn a bikini since the age of 30 and now wants to be J-Lo. We finish the interview with – “That’s my target”. We have work to do!


Kat’s Stats (9 Months Membership)

Weight: -9.2kgs (64.4 to 55.2kgs) Measurements:

Chest: -15cm (97 to 82cm)

Waist: -7cm (75-68cm)

Abdominal BB: -10.5cm (93 to 82.5cm)

Hips: -11cm (104 to 93cm)