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Jon Prew

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Jon Prew

Congratulations to Jon Prew – 15kg down and first marathon in sight!

Working at Rushcutters Health for over three years now, I’ve met some of the most down to earth and dedicated people on this planet. I’ve felt proud many times during my time at work but I’d have to say this young man by the name of Jon just tops it off for me.

Jon came to the gym last year just after we came out of lockdown. One of our trainers Mark had got Jon on board with RH and I clearly remember Mark telling me… “this guy’s going to be a weapon you watch.” Mark was spot on, and look at where we are now, having lost over 15kgs already and he has a strong and healthy relationship with nutrition and exercise.

Jon has sights on doing in first ever marathon in october which will be held in Melbourne. Jon and I are currently training for it, fingers crossed we can get down there because I know what a special feeling it is to cross over for your maiden 42km!

From the bottom of my heart thankyou for putting up with me, putting up with my annoying follow up texts and just being an absolute beast and getting the job done when needed to.

Your journey since day one has been so inspiring, what I’ve enjoyed witnessing is your evolution with your mindset, taking action rather than feeling guilty and really taking on board how important nutrition is.
This is why I love RH so much because I get to see people like yourself shift their mind and body to a place they never thought possible.

I can’t wait to have a beer with you when we finish the marathon together!

Well done Jon, congratulations on all your massive achievements since starting at RH.

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