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John Smith

Client of the month

John Smith

John joined rushcutters health back in may last year with some big challenges infront of him. Having being at a gym previously, john stopped engaging in exercise for a couple of years and thats when the unwanted weight was starting to creep up again.

During John’s first session he discovered that he was unhappy with his body especially around the chest and stomach. Weighing in at just over 102 kilos john decided to get back on track and set himself some big goals so that he could feel good about himself again.

John has been so consistent up until this day with his weight loss journey. With a strong focus around strength training and guidance around nutrition john has knocked off an incredible 11 kilos. John feels so much better about himself and thats due to his hard work around trying to improve his strength numbers in the gym and also making better choices around food.

John realizes now he still can have a balance between exercise and his social life, when he’s got the time, he is out on the boat fixing it so it can be ready for leisure time or racing on the weekend.

Even though John has already hit his big goal of losing 10 kilos, he is still striving to knock off some big hurdles for the remainder of 2019
John is determined to

  • bench press 60kg
  • leg press 200kg
  • deadlift 80kg
  • lose another 5kg which will get him to 86kg!

His trainer Tony praises john’s desire and effort to continue stepping up and trying to be a better person everyday. What Tony loves about john the most is that he is always aware when things don’t pan out a certain way and then finds way to overcome the situation. A positive mindset has got john to where he is today and it will continue to serve him in the future.

A message from his trainer Tony

“John thank you for being a shining light every time you rock up for your sessions. You deserve the acknowledgment and praise for what you’ve achieved so far at rushcutters health. I’m super proud to be your trainer and will continue to push you in the right direction with your exercise and nutrition habits. Let’s knock off some more goals for the rest of the year! An amazing human to be around!”

Congratulations on behalf of everyone here at rushcutters health. Keep up the amazing habits Mr Smith!

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