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Jess Luboski

Client of the month

Jess Luboski

Jess did her IC with me at RH in 2019 having returned from a 10 year hiatus in London. Her first words to me were: “I don’t do exercise on my own”.

Fast forward to June 2021 and Jess has been awarded Client of the Month and I am so proud of her progress and achievements.

During this time Jess has:

Sought gainful employment as a Marketing Manager, subjecting herself to the arduous recruitment process and gained employment contracts at Hoyts and AMP, only to finally land a plum permanent role with the Stockland Group.

Joined the dating circuit, I really enjoyed some of those stories, managed to find true love and married the man of her dreams
in March.

Flipped the switch ON her training: Jess consistently does 2 pt sessions a week, we take care to manage her lower back and tight hamstrings and she puts in a dam good effort. However November 2020 Jess insisted I put her name down for the RH Fitness Challenge and since then there has been NO stopping her! We did our first run (or rather jog/walk) together around the bay, heart pounding and red faced by the end but…Jess is still running today – and enjoying it!

In February Jess committed to the RH Lose 4 in 4 Challenge. Jess weighed 68.1kgs. Today she is at her dream or goal weight of 58kgs having lost a total of 21cm off her combined measurements (Bust/Waist/Hips) and feels like “She’s back baby!” It has been 4 months of consistent effort and the key for Jess was tracking her intake, trusting the process, and realising that weight loss is actually science rather than emotion.

It has been a dream run working alongside Jess and what’s next on the agenda – finding the perfect home on the Northern Beaches.

You GO GIRL! Congratulations on your success story.

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