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Jee Sung

Client of the month

Jee Sung

Jee has been with us for 6 months and in that time, she has achieved an incredible amount. Prior to starting at RH, Jee had been out of good exercise and nutritional habits for a couple of years. In February 2018 she decided to get back into shape.

Here are her impressive results so far: Lost over 12kg body weight, down 35cm over 3 girth sites, lost 13% Body fat, gained 3kg of muscle mass, went from not being able to run to running Gold Coast half marathon in 2hrs, and is a machine on the weights floor with all her lifting. Pretty amazing in 6 mths! Even more incredible is the fact that Jee has achieved this whilst managing significant injuries to her knees and lower back!

The secret to Jee’s success has been consistency and incremental change. Jee has moved away from eating out all the time to preparing more of her food, still enjoys a good social life but just drinks less, trains smart with the limited time she has, and also manages all this with a super busy work schedule. We are really stoked for you Jee!
Congratulations from the RH Team.

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