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Jasmine Ashton

Client of the month

Jasmine Ashton

When Jasmin started at Rushcutters health shed recently given birth to her first baby girl Rosie.

Prior to Rosie’s birth, Jas was a keen exerciser and she was super keen to get back to previous strength and fitness levels.

Post natal Jasmin weighed 73.5Kg. In her initial consultation she expressed that hard intervals, circuit style strength training had previously given her great results and that’s how she would love to train again. However Jasmine was limited to a range of movements being post natal and had to exercise to a slower pace with limited movements than she was used to.

Having great discipline and consistency in the process Jasmin has lost 9kg to date and is still dropping weight weekly. Jasmine Is back to training hard strength circuits twice sometimes three times a week with big compound and advance movements such as single leg deadlift, heavy squats or multi joint movements on the cables and hard sprints on the ski or rower with no limitations.

Whats really inspiring for the team at RH about Jasmin is how she fits everything in her life in. She is a very successful corporate lady with the hectic travel and work schedule that comes with that, a young mother with a family that means everything to her, she is always consistent with her training and makes it a priority and is always  working hard to to stretch her personal and professional development. Jas is a super inspiring women and has one of the best smilies at RH, congratulations on your success and thanks for being such a part of the RH community.

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