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Jane Gamble

Client of the month

Jane Gamble

Jane Gamble
I am proud to award Jane Gamble Rushcutters Health Client of the Month for September.
Congratulations to Jane for making 2022 the year she actioned her plans.
Last week Jane and I shared a HIGH FIVE moment when she weighed in at her goal weight of 73kgs. Jane has lost 9 kilos. Jane’s goal is now 70kgs:)
Dissatisfied with how she felt in general at the start of this year Jane has strategically sought the help she needed. Jane has given up alcohol and enjoys socialising with her many friends equally well with a glass of sparkling mineral water in hand. Jane has revisited her counsellor developing life coping strategises that lead to a peaceful existence. Jane is taking charge of her diet by eliminating sugary and processed foods and is focused on overcoming a sedentary lifestyle. Jane is working on increasing her daily step count and has also been training 3 sessions a week.
Jane and her husband John Smith are long time valuable members at Rushcutters Health. I have been training Jane since October 2019 and it’s amazing to realise 3 years have passed. I am humbled by the recent discovery that, having no children of their own, Jane and John sponsored a young Aboriginal girl through her secondary schooling at Abbotsleigh. They have just returned from a weekend in Canberra with a luncheon at Parliament House celebrating the success of this young lady upon completion of her Year 12. Jane and John are truly generous human beings.
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