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Jackie Younes

Client of the month

Jackie Younes

Jackie has trained with us since last July driving to Rushcutters twice per week before work to do her PT sessions.

Her initial goal was to get back to her pre-wedding weight.

Jackie’s commitment is inspiring and has helped her achieve her goals within 6 months. She lost total 9.5 kg body weight, 12 cm from her waist and 9 cm from her hips. Jackie can deadlift 107.5 kg and bench press her own body weight 60 kg. Jackie’s trainer helped her achieve results thanks to accountability she got from him.

Jackie says:” I knew I had to get on scales and my trainer would ask me questions about my food and training. It just became a habit to follow our plan.” Jackie’s consistency achieving her goals comes from getting results. She says:” Rushcutters Health team members all know their craft and I knew if I just showed up they would help me with the rest. Trainers are welcoming and genuinely happy to be here.”

Jackie also wanted to show her kids the best way to live their lives. She told them that 5 am to 7am is mummy’s time to look after herself and stay healthy.

Jackie’s next goals are related with maintaining her weight, focusing on weight lifting and tennis. Jackie would recommend Rushcutters Health to other people and says that Rushcutters Health feels like a family. Looking around, it’s obvious we have different goals and capabilities but there is someone there with a style of training to help each of us. It’s a very friendly respectful place to train. We are super lucky to have an inspiring woman like Jackie at the studio, congratulations on your amazing results

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