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Client of the month


Congratulations to Hazel, our current Member of the Month. Hazel is a massive ray of sunshine who has been training at the gym for just over a year now, and has been making progress in leaps and bounds.

Hazel started with us with a lot of back pain , which was restricting her training quite a lot. She now has none of that pain and restriction, and is back to running a couple of days a week and incorporating legs into her weights sessions, which she does 4-5 of per week. 

Hazel has also achieved massive wins, just within herself, by working on her mind as well as her body. Through mindfulness, meditation and journalling, she has drastically improved her relationship with food, as well as greatly reduced her anxiety.

Hazel is an absolute pleasure to train and to have around the gym. She is open to exploring new ways to help herself and will always give advice and suggestions a go, very adaptable and a generally lovely human being. Well done Hazel, super proud of the progress you have made.

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