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Greg Ecker

Client of the month

Greg Ecker

Greg Ecker

A huge congratulations to Rushcutter’s Health Client of the Month Greg Ecker. 

At the beginning of lockdown Greg made the decision to take control of the things he could and try to shift the stubborn weight that had been fluctuating for him over the last few years. 

On the 14th of July Greg weighed in at 107.8 kilos. Greg always ate a fairly ‘clean’ diet but with his trainer identified that portion control was probably the biggest limiting factor to his weight. By using MyFitnessPal Greg meticulously weighed, measured and tracked his food. The biggest learning and ‘ah ha’ moment was realising the energy density of fat and just how many calories some of his usual meals had. This alone helped him to reduce his portion sizes and calorie intake and stick to a modest deficit, which saw the weight start to come off at a consistent rate. 

The second thing he implemented was a daily step goal. When his smart watch arrived he realised he was not getting anywhere near the 10,000 steps he thought he was doing in his day to day activity. 

In both his food tracking and step goal he has worked meticulously to always hit his targets. He also trains twice a week with his trainer and although he prefers the heavier strength sessions in the gym, he has adapted to the outdoor sessions without complaint. 

Greg is an excellent cook and throughout the last 14 weeks no food has been off limits. He has made pasta and pizza but has tracked the calories which has given him a greater sense of freedom and control over his diet without any associated guilt  

Today Greg is consistently weighing in at under 100 kilos, a weight he hasn’t seen since the 80’s. An effort made even more impressive given it was done under the restrictions of lockdown.

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