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Georgie Greene

Client of the month

Georgie Greene

Georgie started training with us here at RH a bit before Christmas last year in which time she has completely transformed her life! Most of you reading this would already know Georgie from your time in the gym as a kind, bright, enthusiastic lady. As Georgie’s trainer I can tell you she is also very driven, focused and confident when she steps in our gym doors.

Georgie has lost 12kg in her time with us, completely changing her outlook on her nutrition and has almost given up alcohol entirely. Georgie was a winner of our 50 days lean challenge and consistently shows up to all of her sessions throughout the week. Her strength is continually growing and we have managed to put her Achilles tendon to ease after a former injury.

From Josh, the team and all the members here at RH, I want to say a huge thank you for being the incredible role model you are.

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