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Fiona Wilkie

Client of the month

Fiona Wilkie

When Fi initially came in to see us she had lost her way with her training. In her first consultation she mentioned that she didn’t feel confident in the gym at all.

Fast forward to now and that’s completely changed.

Fi’s primary goal was to get her strength back and to get back into a good exercise routine. In just a few short months she has lost 5% body fat, can deadlift her bodyweight, trains everyday and has found her passion for swimming again.

Fi now trains hard with a big smile on her face. The combination of some stints away from alcohol and focusing improving her nutrition combined with the exercise has completely changed her body shape in such a short time.

Fi continues to set new goals and challenges and her dedication to following quality training plans is the reason her strength and fitness continue to climb. We are so proud of you Fi, thanks for lighting up the gym every time you are in here!

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