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Emma Sneesby

Client of the month

Emma Sneesby

A huge congratulations to client of the month Emma. Since joining in September last year Emma has shed 6 kilos of body fat and 12 centimetres from her girth measurements. A 6 kilo fat loss constitutes around 10% of Emma’s body weight which when put into perspective makes her transformation even more inspiring.

Emma has always been fortunate to be tall and slender but found as she got older it was becoming far more difficult to maintain her slim physique. Emma had joined many gyms over the years and had never gotten past the 3 week mark of a membership. She also works full time in a competitive, male dominated industry all while raising 3 girls under the age of 10. Given her extensive commitments and time restraints it was always going to be a challenge for Emma to make health and fitness part of her life but that’s exactly what she’s done and all the team at Rushcutter’s couldn’t be more proud of what she has achieved.

Emma now makes exercise a priority and consistently makes her 5.30am session with Chris and 1-3 group exercise classes a week. She also successfully completed our 50-days lean program which saw her give up alcohol for the full 50 days, a massive achievement for Emma by her own admission. Over the 12 month period Emma has dropped gone from 64 kilos to 60 kilos and decreased her 4 site skin folds by 25.2mm.

Truly great work Emma. From all the team at Rh we are grateful to have members like you that show regardless of how much time you have, you can make exercise a priority and take control of your health and fitness. Keep up the great work!

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