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Emma Martin

Client of the month

Emma Martin

Emma Martin

We couldn’t be prouder to announce Emma Martin client of the month.

Emma is a foundation member of RH, most of our community know her smiley face and her quality sense of humor. What most wouldnt know is how much Emma has changed in the process of getting fit and healthy.

Prior to joining RH Emma had struggled her whole life with being consistent with exercise and nutrition. She had given lots of things a go but nothing really stuck for too long.

Emma first joined with the regular type goals: bit of weight loss, increase strength and fitness & improve all health markers.

And then the journey started.

Emma’s 3 years have been a series of focused efforts: Fat loss, Strength, Rehab. During this time she has done something that she has never been able to achieve: Consistency.

Working through lots of barriers in her mind she has wound up in a place where eating well, training frequently and increasing her activity level are normal. Before starting her mindset would stop her from creating the habits and routines that provide positive health outcomes, but now that’s all changed.

This has culminated in Emma’s first successful completion of the 4in4 program in Aug 20, something she had failed at numerous times. The funny thing is she has found it easy this time and achieved massive results, all because she has managed to shift her mindset. Emma had overall compliance at 86% and lost a bunch of weight and cm’s in process. Most importantly she established the critical habits for ongoing success.

So proud of the quality human you are Emma, and the amazing change in your mind and health over the last 3 years. You are an inspiration to lots of people who have struggled to create quality healthy habits.

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