Client of the month

Carolyn Aldous

Carolyn came to us motivated to make some changes in her busy life to help her get on track with her health and fitness.

Its been really cool to watch Carolyn progress and build towards some awesome habits. She started by making incremental improvements with her exercise, nutrition and alcohol. As she got into it, a big part of her success was driven by her consistent weekly food and exercise planning.

Carolyn had her food and training completely dialled in for our 2018 Challenge, earning her a place on the podium! Her consistency and dedication to the program yielded impressive results. The experience has helped create the long-term habits that keep Carolyn lean and enjoying a balanced lifestyle.

As well as losing over 6.5kilos and 45cm in girths. Carolyn can deadlift a healthy 70kilos and squat 50kilos for multiple repetitions.

Carolyn is still working towards many strong compelling goals and the team at Rushcutters Health have absolutely no doubt that she will achieve all of them.

The photo of Carolyn in the green dress looking amazing is inspirational because it’s a dress that she had owned for years, but previously not had the confidence to wear!

We are proud of you and your amazing results Carolyn, well done!