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Belinda Dent

Client of the month

Belinda Dent

Congratulations to our pocket rocket Member of the Month, Belinda Dent!
Belinda has always been into fitness; running, lifting weights and dabbling in yoga for many years. She has been training at the gym pretty much since it opened, first with Josh and then with Sean, and now with Jen.
After lockdown last year, Belinda decided to change things up a bit and really focus on weightlifting to help her GB with her running and the niggles and pain she was always feeling, especially around her knees. Belinda now lifts 4-5 times a week, with a program dedicated to helping her achieve those goals. She also runs 5 days a week; with little to no pain and is running stronger than ever. She recently smashed out 1 hour 39 for the Gold Coast Half Marathon, with her goal to do nearer 1.35 for her next one, as well as lifting double her body weight for squats, deadlifts and hip thrusts.

Belinda is a staple around the gym most mornings, and we are super proud of her, and her dedication to her health and fitness, to being strong and working hard to make sure she can do the things she loves, pain free. Keep up the motivational and inspiring work Belinda!
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